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pavement photo   May 19-21, 2015 -The Westin Alexandria -Alexandria, Virginia - Washington DC area
Young Professionals and Student Activities

Young professionals in the early stages of their careers and students need opportunities to network with experienced pavement management professionals and to gain recognition for their work and abilities within the international transportation community. That is why ICMPA9 offers a number of activities and events designed specifically for students and early-career professionals.

If you are a student or a young professional (generally aged 35 years or younger), the following ICMPA events are designed specifically for you:

Pavement Management Challenge

Pavement Management Challenge posters and abstracts due date has passed.

Controlling the quality of infrastructure condition and monitoring data is a real challenge faced by transportation agencies. This is further complicated by the evolution of data collection and reporting methods over time, and by the periodic replacement of equipment over time.

A sample pavement management data set is provided, extracted from a real state agency’s data. The challenge is to assess and improve the quality and continuity of pavement management data by applying new or existing techniques to this data set. Innovation is encouraged, but example ways to meet the challenge include:

  • Measure the quality of this data set
  • Identify and impute missing data values
  • Identify likely errors and outliers
  • Demonstrate a quality control or data acceptance methodology
  • Assess consistency between pavement work history and historical performance
  • Develop ways to visualize this data set

The data for the challenge can be accessed through the links that follow:

Zip archive of the above data files:

Session Monitor Assignments

ICMPA9 is excited to offer an opportunity for young professionals and students to be actively involved in the conference. You can sign up to assist the session chair(s) as a session monitor during the presentation sessions and other activities. Responsibilities of session monitors will include arriving 15 minutes in advance of the session to meet with the session chair, record the audience attendance, assist the chair with room lighting and or audio-visual problems, confirm each presentation was given, test the laser pointer, ensure the speakers understand the equipment and do not exceed their time allotted for presentation, watch for unauthorized photographing and/or recording of a session, and assist the session chair in the event of a medical emergency by notifying the convention center staff.

Speed Networking Event

Enhance your networking opportunities by participating in an exciting, structured networking event. In one hour, you have the opportunity to interact with both peers and more seasoned professionals that share your enthusiasm for managing pavement assets. This event is similar to speed-dating, where you will have a finite amount of time to talk without interruption by others with several pavement professionals. The speed network event will push you outside your comfort zone to build connections, increase confidence, and improve your communication skills.

The Speed Networking event will take place on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 from 5:30pm-7pm in the Wright conference room at the Westin Alexandria. Light refreshments will be provided.



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