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Ensamble Quito 6
Director: Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo

Born in Quito in 1974, Jorge Oviedo realized his musical studies in the National Conservatory of Ecuador, where he studied piano, composition and orchestral direction. Since that time, Maestro Oviedo has served as a composer for the city of Quito's department of musical development and dissemination, and was for three years the assistant conductor of the Banda Sinfónica Metropolitana. Later, he was named principal director of that ensemble as well as director of musical activities in the Sucre Theater. As part of this organization, in 2000 Oviedo participated in the production of the first recording of Luis Humberto Salgado's Atahualpa, o el acaso de un imperio. In 2007 he was responsible for the production of the world premiere of Boletín y Elegía de las Mitas, by Ecuador's most famous living composer, Mesías Maiguashca. Throughout this period Oviedo has guest conducted many of Ecuador's most important musical organizations, such as the symphonic orchestras of Cuenca, Loja and Guayaquil, as well as the Proyecto Sinfónico Cuenk. He has also taught advanced classes in music in the National Conservatory and composition in the University of Cuenca.

Oviedo is the recipient of many awards and honors, including that of finalist in the 1996 Reina María-José composition competition in Geneva, Switzerland, and in that same year his work, Tocancias, won the only prize in a choral music composition competition held in Spain. In 2001, his El Cuco del Ilaló received an honorable mention in Spain and he was a finalist in a composition competition in Ecuador.

Currently, Oviedo is the director of Ensamble Quito 6, which was created in 2004 with the objective of providing opportunities for the dissemination of both the traditional and contemporary music of Ecuador.

Fragmento del programa Ecuador Azul, producido por la Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre, 2007:

Violín: Victoria Robalino
Chelo: Amelia Rivadeneira
Contrabajo: Luis Arias
Flauta: Rocío Lima (invitada)
Clarinete: Benito Tayupanda
Piano: Alex Alarcón

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Ensamble Quito 6: Vasija de barro, danzante atrib. a Luis A. Valencia

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