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Virginia Tech Healthcare Coaching Institute | Participants
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The Healthcare Coaching Institute is designed to meet the coach-training needs for:

  • Leaders in the fast paced and chaotic life science field
  • Human resource professionals responsible for coaching programs
  • Healthcare professionals transitioning to new or expanded roles
  • Organizational leaders and change agents responsible for leadership and cultural change
  • Anyone wanting to become certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a corporate coach and gain insight into the fastest growing environment in the world

Course work meets requirements for ICF Certification. There are also elective topics and mentoring opportunities for people seeking continuing education hours.


The Pyramid Coaching Institute (PCI) and Healthcare Coaching Institute (HCI), are thorough and rigorous curriculums that provide the coach training and mentoring required to earn a professionally recognized credential. These innovative programs are designed specifically for developing leadership coaching competencies.

Course Requirements:

  • Commit to scheduling and attending live intensive and webinar based classes and labs
  • Identify coaching clients for practice and mentoring sessions.
HCI Participants


  • Experience in a healthcare organization as a leader, HROD or learning professional, change agent, project manager, director, professional administrator or health care provider


  • Experience as a consultant, teacher, or coach seeking advanced coaching skills and a process model for distinguishing coaching as a capability, and a commitment to working with leaders in life science



  • Coaching and consulting – a student and leadership development
  • Working knowledge or understanding of challenges these leaders and practitioners face- transitions, stresses, overwhelm



  • Learn and earn a professional coach designation
  • To partner with life science leaders, groups and teams through changes in complex systems
  • To continuously learn and evolve personally (deep work in growth as a coach and integration of personal leadership and coaching skills for yourself)
  • Willingness to work with a mentor
  • Lifelong learning and evolution- love being human