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Virginia Tech - Healthcare Coaching Institute | About
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Why HCI Will Turn You Into a Healthcare Leader

The healthcare and life sciences sectors are undergoing a remarkable transformation. Driven by changes in technology, regulation and discovery, these industries are facing unprecedented opportunities—and challenges. Making the most of this dynamic new reality requires leaders who can perform at an optimum level as they guide their organizations to new possibilities.

Simply put, there is a need for leaders who can put the ‘care’back into healthcare, to foster a human-centric approach to developing ‘human resources’ within these sectors. The Heath Care Coaching Institute can help you become the type of leadership coach who can make that type of leadership possible.

We understand as well that you’ll need intensive guidance coupled with flexibility to meet the demands of your current career and position. That’s why we use a concierge approach to guide you as an individual through our blended online and in-person training.

As an HCI trained coach some results you can expect to create:

    • Become more generative and creative as you support others to do the same
    • Learn to challenge others to detach from outcomes in ways that allow their creativity to find center stage
    • Develop a like-minded community of practice
    • Learn to navigate the emotions and culture barriers often at play in organizational coaching
    • Learn presence and all that it means to be present as a coach and human being
    • Create a personal approach to better partner and coach those you support
    • Gain insights into human and organizational systems that will inform your coaching approach
    • Learn to scale coaching from one to one with leaders to groups and teams within organizations
    • Create a personal framework for consistency in your approach, one that honors your own values and needs
    • Practice, practice, practice as you build hours toward your certification

And a bonus is that you will be invited to coach a list of talented entrepreneurs and leaders in the healthcare space with our growing number of partnerships in professional societies and the larger healthcare community. Our Healthcare Coaching Institute is designed to advance leadership capabilities by combining the finest faculty who conduct the most relevant curriculum that satisfies the coursework and mentoring requirements for the ICF certification.

Why a Blended Approach is the Right Approach

We believe that the best approach to leadership coaching training is a blended one. Online coaching courses have a great deal to offer – you can take them from virtually anywhere, and many times you can engage with them at your pace. Yet there are also many benefits from face-to-face training, where individuals can engage fully with instructors and their colleagues. This is especially true in a field like leadership coaching, where in-person instruction and guidance can help round out your training experience.

This is why the HCI offers a blend of coursework that is both online and in-person. Live, in person classroom intensives take place in Roanoke, Virginia at the historic Hotel Roanoke, offering you an opportunity to focus with your instructors and colleagues. Online courses, offered in the evening to fit your schedule, then round out the program. We believe this blended approach offers the benefits of both methods of instruction as you build your coaching skills and experience.

Why a Certified Program Matters

When searching for a physician or therapist, most knowledgeable people check a practitioner’s board certification or other types of formal credentials. It’s how you know you’ve found someone who has met the standards and requirements set for professionals in their field. Developing and understanding the skills, knowledge and ethics required to be an effective coach takes preparation and training, and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has accredited the Healthcare Coaching Institute.

What does ICF certification mean? According to the ICF, it means a training program “has gone through a rigorous review process and demonstrated that its curriculum aligns with the ICF definition of coaching, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. By choosing ICF-approved coach training, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality training.”

In addition to receiving certified training, participating in an ICF-certified program can help you meet the requirements for both ICF credentialing and membership.

More information on ICF credentialing and certification is available at http://becomea.coach/?navItemNumber=4090.

Our Vision

The unprecedented degree of change in the health care arena has resulted in a driving need for a new brand of leadership, the evolution of healthier and more engaged cultures, and the cultivation of greater resilience and nimbleness in both people and operational practices. Our goal is to create a customized, transformative approach that uses coaching methodologies designed to ignite healthier and more adaptive people and cultures.

HCI is designed to meet these critical needs in health care and related environments. It is targeted for both experienced coaches and those attending coach training for the first time. The curriculum includes stand-alone modules for certified coaches to use for CCEU credits and courses for those seeking initial certification through the ICF.

Learning Goals

Our courses are designed to prepare you for professional coach certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF). The coursework meets ICF requirements and ongoing course work and mentoring is offered for those seeking continuing education hours for recertification. The core competencies practiced will enable you to:

  • Increase personal awareness and understanding of your worldview, leadership strengths, and archetypal characteristics.
  • Understand organizational health, leadership results.
  • Experience and learn more about personal transformation (presence, inquiry, speaking from the heart, your journey).
  • Define and practice a core competency coach/leader model as foundation for the partnership.
  • Create and assemble a coaching tool kit.
  • Accelerate communication skills development for agreements.
  • Understand and practice team and group coaching.
  • Distinguish coaching as leadership skill and/or professional pathway.
  • Have a high level understanding of the business imperatives for all organizations that are shaped by healthcare reform.
  • Coach leaders and executives who are challenged by changes in life science organizations.

Coaching Philosophy and Approach

HCI prepares students for successful organizational coaching through a curriculum that is based on the model of Humanity, Exploration, and Discovery. We base this model after our decades of experience in preparing leadership coaches in a variety of settings. We believe that success for HCI participants will come in helping them master the core elements of coaching while also learning how to apply it directly to the healthcare and life science sectors.

In that regard, we’ve developed our Coach Competency Development Model:


Offerings include:

  • Live Intensives
  • Virtual Core Classes
  • Electives
  • Continuing Coaching Education Units


The courses are delivered through a blended model of online and in-person instruction. Each course consists of virtual classes plus 2 live intensive workshops at The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

HCI Leadership Certification - 70 hours
Designed for those who are looking to earn an ACC coach certification and want to learn how to coach leaders in the business of the healthcare industry. Professional development and personal growth are a plus in this program

  View the Leadership Certification course descriptions.

HCI Advanced Professional Certification - 75 hours
This customized program is intended those who already hold a level one ICF or other coach certification. Selection of electives and core classes depends upon the interest and requirements of the individual, whether they are seeking CCEUs or advanced certification.

   View the Advanced Professional Certification