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Engagement Academy for University Leaders

  About the Program

This unique executive development program is designed for higher education leaders committed to developing institutional capacity for community engagement. Participants, preferably in teams, will design institutional plans for engagement that effectively link community engagement to the teaching, research, and service missions of their institution. They will return to their campuses with the ability to advance their plans.

The program was founded in 2008, and is annually updated to keep it dynamic and responsive to trends and developments. The Academy is endorsed by AASCU, CUMU, CCPH and APLU, and has received awards for its innovation and quality. Higher education leaders from around the world and from all types of academic institutions attend the Academy. Some institutions send individuals and teams each year to expand the network of leaders on campus in order to continue enhancing and developing their plans for institutionalizing the principles and practices of community engagement.

Program Features:

  • Internationally-recognized Faculty
  • Peer networking Institutional case studies
  • Individual coaching and consultation sessions
  • Mentor-in-Residence
  • Action planning tips, tools and techniques
  • The latest research, models, and strategies in community engagement

See Ideal Plan, Process, and Team for more information.

New this year, the Engagement Academy will feature online learning modules, produced in collaboration with Oregon State University. Participants will be asked to review material hosted on the online modules before arriving at the Engagement Academy. The online curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded and fundamental understanding of definitions and concepts for all Engagement Academy participants regarding the following topics:

  • What is community engagement?
  • What is community engaged teaching and learning?
  • What is community engaged research?

Then these online learning modules will be available to participants as a resource for their campus leadership.

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June 8-11, 2015
Roanoke, Virginia




Teams of two or more are encouraged! Teams sending 4 or more may be eligible for a special discount. Contact Holly Williams at hmccall@vt.edu or 540-231-2188 for details.

Registration deadline is: March 31, 2015

Who should attend

The program is designed especially for those currently in, newly appointed to, or aspiring to the following positions:

  • Vice President/Provost
  • Associate Vice Presidents/Provosts
  • People who are responsible for student engagement, service-learning, faculty development, curriculum, institutional advancement/development, institutional research, continuing education, economic development or community partnerships
  • Deans, department heads, faculty leaders (governance)

For more information about the program, contact:
Holly Williams
Assistant Director, Continuing and Professional Education
Email: hmccall@vt.edu


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