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NSF  Engineering Education Awardees Conference -March 4-6, 2012 -  Arlington, Virginia
Abstract Submission

The Abstract Submission system is now available for this year's NSF Engineering Education Awardees Conference.

Please create an account and complete the following steps:

By January 9, 2012: Please submit a brief abstract that responds to the questions below.

  1. Need: What need are you addressing?
  2. Approach: What approach are you using to address this need?
  3. Benefit: What are the potential benefits of your work? Who are the target audiences?
  4. Outcomes: What have you learned so far?
  5. Deliverables: What are the products of your research so far? How are you ensuring they will have an impact?

The limit for abstracts is 4000 characters.

If you are a recent grantee, your responses should reflect your study design and predicted outcomes and deliverables. If your project is already underway and you have results to share, your poster should describe those results so that others can learn from your work.

The National Science Foundation program officers have requested that your poster address the primary questions identified below (Need, Approach, Benefits, Outcomes, and Deliverables). We have provided a very basic poster template below, sized to 46 inches wide by 34 inches high. You are free to modify this template as needed to best showcase your project; however, please do not exceed 46 inches in width to insure that the posters will fit on the display boards.

Basic Poster Template (PPTX format) - NSF_EEC_PosterTemplate.pptx
Basic Poster Template (PPT format) - NSF_EEC_PosterTemplate.ppt

If you should have any questions, please contact Sarah Brown at or Holly Wimmer McClanahan at (540) 231-9488 or

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