There's always more to learn about the Civil War. That's why Virginia Tech alumni and other history enthusiasts come together in Blacksburg each year to hear new perspectives from some of the nation's leading Civil War experts. We invite you to join us in March 2018 for the 27th annual Civil War Weekend.

Our theme this year is "Civil War Places." The war left its lasting mark not only on the people who fought it but also on the places where it happened: the battlefields, the towns, the homes, the rivers and forests and mountains. This year, we're asking each of our speakers to reflect on a Civil War site that they find particularly evocative, particularly significant—perhaps a place that they have a personal connection to.

We'll hear about Antietam from Dennis Frye, a renowned historian and battlefield guide who has made his home in General Burnside's post-Antietam headquarters. We'll hear about Shiloh, Appomattox, and Gettysburg from historians intimately familiar not just with what happened there but with the places themselves. Other speakers will lecture on lesser-known places like Ebenezer Creek, where William T. Sherman's men abandoned the African Americans who sought their help, and Belle Isle, one of Richmond's notorious wartime prisons. The conflict's longer-term ramifications will be discussed in presentations on Arlington National Cemetery and Historic Tredegar, an important industrial site during the nineteenth century that will soon become home to an exciting new Civil War museum.

This year we're also offering an optional two-night field trip that explores Stonewall Jackson's storied Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862. Virginia Tech alumnus and noted Shenandoah Valley expert Jonathan Noyalas will lead our tour of Kernstown, Winchester, Cross Keys, and other key sites from the campaign that cemented Jackson's enduring status as Confederate hero.

Whether you're a lifelong Civil War buff or just looking for a fun opportunity to learn more, there's no better way to spend a few days in March. We look forward to seeing you in Blacksburg.

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