Please join us March 22-24 in Blacksburg for the 28th annual Civil War Weekend. Combining expert speakers, the comforts of the Inn at Virginia Tech, and the incomparable camaraderie of the Hokie Nation, it's a marvelous way to learn about fresh perspectives on Civil War history.

Our theme this year is "Civil War Leadership." Throughout history it's been crises, not periods of calm, that bring out the best in our leaders. And what a crisis Americans faced in the 1860s, with a deadly four-year fight over the future of slavery and the survival of America itself. This year, we're asking our speakers to reflect on the lessons of Civil War era leadership, positive and negative, military and civilian.

Lincoln and Grant. Jackson and Lee. It would be difficult to think seriously about Civil War leadership without considering these names. But we will also hear about less well known examples. There's Robert Smalls, a slave who commandeered a Confederate ship, escaped to freedom, and went on to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. And there's Ann Pamela Cunningham, the South Carolina woman who directed a nationwide effort to preserve Mount Vernon between the 1850s and the 1870s. Our speakers will analyze an array of leadership models, from all sides of the conflict, some successful and others not—all brought forth by America's greatest crisis.

This year we're also offering an optional two-night field trip to the Virginia peninsula March 24-26. Led by historian Jonathan White, we'll explore the fascinating Civil War history of the peninsula, learning about the battle of the ironclads, Confederate efforts to thwart George B. McClellan's invasion plans, and the intriguing origins of wartime emancipation at Fort Monroe.

Whether you're a lifelong Civil War buff or just looking for a fun opportunity to learn more, there's no better way to spend a few days in March. We look forward to seeing you in Blacksburg.

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