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Field Trips

Gettysburg National Military Park

Full-day tour of Gettysburg National Military Park.
Gettysburg. It is an extraordinary place for all students of the Civil War: the bloodiest battle of this bloody war; the end of Lee’s second and final bid to bring the war to the Union; the home of Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge, the Wheatfield and the Peach Orchard. We’ll be guided around the battlefield by Scott Hartwig, former supervisory park historian at Gettysburg.

 Monocacy National Battlefield

Half-day tour of Monocacy National Battlefield
Just minutes away from our hotel in Frederick lies the Monocacy National Battlefield. Here, on July 9 1864, Union General Lew Wallace attempted to halt Jubal Early’s advance toward Washington, D.C. Although Early triumphed that day, the delay gave the Union valuable time to strengthen the capital city’s defenses—causing Monocacy to be dubbed the “Battle that saved Washington.” National Park Service staff will lead our tour.

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