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Contemplative Learning and Research Workshop in Higher Education  - May 23, 2015 - Nau Hall and Gibson Hall  - University of Virginia Campus, Charlottesville, Virginia
About the Conference

This conference is intended to establish networks among the participants for future activities including conferences, workshops, funded research, etc. The workshop includes several activities to further these networks:

Archival Interest and Contact Postings (Optional)

Registrants are encouraged to submit a one-page summary (e.g. a powerpoint slide) of their interests in contemplative learning and research along with their contact information. These submissions will be archived at this website. These one-page summaries can be for the following:

  1. A university.
  2. A program, a center, a department, etc in a university.
  3. An individual.

These summaries should be submitted as a pdf file.

Archival Postings may be submitted before, during, or after the workshop.

The intention of these postings is to build networks for future growth in contemplative education and research. These postings are not intended for marketing purposes.

Lightening Spotlights

The schedule includes blocks of time for Lightening Spotlights. During these times, you will be invited to speak for 2-3 minutes introducing yourself to the community and explaining your interests in this area.

If you have submitted an Archival Posting (see above), we will coordinate a display of your submission during your speaking time. An Archival Posting is NOT required for a speaking time slot.

Prior registration for a time slot is NOT required. Prior submission of an Archival Posting is NOT required.

These time blocks are intended to be semi-spontaneous. And please be prepared for a 2-3 minute introduction of yourself and/or group. The speakers will be coordinated the day of the event.

Questions may be directed to:

Prof Douglas K Lindner
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
MS 0111
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Contact: Prof Douglas K Lindner -


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