Contaminants of Concern: Chemistry, Toxicity and Treatment   - October 16-18, 2017 -  The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center  - Roanoke, Virginia

General Information

In recent years, the quality of our drinking waters has come under unsurpassed scrutiny by the public due to accidents, new regulations, and a greater general awareness of the issues due to social media. Waterworks owners, operators, and supervisors are increasingly aware that they need to think more broadly about the possibility of accidents, emergency responses, and communications with their local community. It is not necessarily enough to meet state and federal regulations, because the public is skeptical that the regulations do not adequately address the Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs), such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and nanomaterials. Efforts by the EPA to determine if additional contaminants should be regulated are reflected in the Contaminant Candidate Listings (CCLs). Participants will learn about CECs, CCLs, and the chemistry, toxicity and effectiveness of treatment options for several chemicals of concern through case studies and what has been gleaned through research. The impacts of recent spills, leaching of lead, and formation of disinfection by-products will also be covered.

About This Course

The first day of lectures will set a foundation that will enable participants to better understand the technical details and significance of lectures in the following days. The topics in Days 2 and 3 will deal with specific contaminants and/or events. Case studies will be integrated to enhance interest and demonstrate how situations were actually managed. Participants will also work in small groups to discuss how they would deal with a certain situation. They will then share their solution with the entire class.

Course Credits

You will receive a certificate awarding 2.2 Continuing Education Units (22 CPE’s) for successful completion of the short course.

Location and Lodging

The course will be offered at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center located at 110 Shenandoah Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia. For non-commuters, lodging arrangements will be made at the hotel. If you register under the single-occupancy option, a lodging reservation will be made in your name at The Hotel Roanoke for the nights of October 15,16, and 17 with check out on October 18.

Participant Funding and Program Costs

Virginia Tech has been awarded grant monies from VDH for participant funding for this course. Funding covers, all but $50 of your registration fee (includes three nights of lodging, daily breakfast, lunch and breaks, dinner on Monday, and course materials.) Sign up early to ensure your seat in the course, we are only able to accept 25 participants. Commuters will pay a $35 fee (includes daily breaks, lunches, and course materials.)

Sign up early to ensure your seat.

For More Information

If you have questions about the schedule and program, please contact:
Wayne Crotto

For more information about registration please contact Nancy Rakes by email: or phone: 540-231-2922, for more information about lodging and scholarships, please contact Briana Blanchard by email: or phone: 540-231-2014

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